driving schools that teach manual

driving schools that teach manual

driving schools that teach manual

driving schools that teach manual

    driving schools that teach manual

    We believe by being a small school we have more time to focus on our vision and use our little secrets to become the best in the business, we do not only teach you how to pass your driving test but teach you how to become safe and eco-friendly drivers for the rest of your life, we understand driving is a lifelong skill and not just a task to get your full license.

    Our Driving instructors are all qualified Approved driving instructors and are amazing at what they do.

    Areas in which we offer driving lessons:

    We offer driving lessons in Clacton-On-Sea and Colchester in a calm and relaxed environment. We have both male and female instructors on our books if you have a preference. We offer a full range of driving lessons and courses, so we are confident that you’ll find a lesson or course to suit your needs.

    The caring and polite nature of our private driving instructors across the UK makes the one of the best in the Driving School business. Our driving lessons have all the components to prepare you for your driving test. During the practical lessons, student drivers will obtain easy to follow guidance from their instructor allowing them to sail through the test with confidence.

    In the UK, you can pass your driving test in an automatic or a manual car. Depending on which car you passed your test in, will result in which license type you gain. So, if you have an automatic license, you will need to retake your driving test in a manual transmission car to gain a full UK license that entitles you to drive both automatic and manual cars. However, you will be pleased to hear you do not need to re-take the theory test.


    Our driving school was built purely on word of mouth and recommendations we achieved this by making sure our learners always get complete and fully attentive one 2 one lessons and are never compromised in any way shape or form.

    Danya Gallagher
    I never had no faith in my driving and have been through several driving instructors and thought I would never ever get their my son passed with red first time which I was shocked but also proud so I asked for reds number as thought wow will try with red and I can honestly hand in heart think go with him . please I never thought in a million years I would pass as   not a natural but red did  it he got me through he guided me even when I was stressed  he did it !!!!!!!! He got me driving even though I had had doubts  and that’s the truth!!!!  I took reds opinion and he knew his stuff I am 45 and only started in may this year and he got me driving I don’t give praise a lot but gays off to Red who achieved me my dreams thank you so so much if I can say anything in this world I would go for techs has given me what I thought would be impossible a driving licence good luck xxx
    Jibin John

    I took lessons with RS and the experience was excellent. I learned all the driving techniques to follow on the road. More than training just for the test, I was taught how to drive safely. I would recommend RS to all the new drivers who wants to get their licence on the first go.

    Samantha Baxter

    Red has been great in and throughout. He’s very calm during the lessons which for me is great as I don’t respond well to aggressive teaching. I passed my test with only 3 minor faults. He explains everything and answers all your questions clearly and even demonstrates if needs be. I have had experience learning with another instructor years before but couldn’t get along with their teaching methods. Red was able to teach me not only the criteria of the test but generally how to be a great driver in such a short amount of time. Very professional but also really friendly… will do anything to help you learn 🙂 Thank Red

    Elliot Rodrigues

    From my first to last lesson, Red was clear and precise on what was needed for me to pass my test (which I did first time) I also knew he wanted to pass me as fast as possible, but never made it seem like a rush! Trust me when I say that Red is Colchester’s No1 driving instructor! Would Recommend to anyone of any experience!

    Vignesh Suria

    This instructor was brilliant and helped me pass my driving test, with zero faults (unbelievably)!! He explained all the errors I made during lessons and always teaches instinctively how to prevent making them. So the learning is far beyond the purposes of the driving test itself. I became a much better driver in a very short time! He was always on time.

    Ralph Super

    very cool and relaxed driving instructor- kudos to Red! thanks for the time.. highly recommended.

    Laren Ropers

    This is the best driving instructor there is he’s amazing I passed first time and he’s really helpful. Always on time taught me in only ten lessons and passed really patient

    Tess Cortez Santiago

    The best ADI ever in Town…👍
    always Teach with QUALITY not for Quantity…

    Enricoko Galvez

    Very professional and handsome instructor ❤️

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