About Us

We believe by being a small school we have more time to focus on our vision and use our little secrets to become the best in the business, we do not only teach you how to pass your driving test but teach you how to become safe and eco friendly drivers for the rest of your life, we understand driving is a lifelong skill and not just a task to get your full license.


Our Driving instructors are all fully vetted and qualified Approved driving instructors and are amazing at what they do.


We started of as a manual driving school but have realized that the future of driving is changing and many many more people are becoming attached to automatic cars weather it be a sports car a luxury car a electric or hybrid car automatic is taking over and very soon the manual gearbox will be a thing of the past so we believe why hinder your learning process whilst trying to negotiate the clutch and gears, why not save that time and money and learn a lot quicker.


Our driving school was built purely on word of mouth and recommendations we achieved this by making sure our learners always get complete and fully attentive one 2 one lessons and are never compromised in any way shape or form.

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